Dealing with hair loss and thinning edges seems to be a pervasive issue that troubles the textured hair community. Often times, women experience hair loss as a result of daily manipulation, tension from protective styling, or a salon mishap.  While there are many products on the market designed to address hair loss, people tend to shy away from trying them because they are skeptical about product claims and/or they refuse to waste money on something they think will not work.

After suffering from a horrible hair setback and realizing how hard it is to find hair regrowth solutions that work, I decided to embark on a journey to find products and techniques that actually promote hair growth within a short period of time…that being said, EDGE ENTITY is the the first product on my list of things that work!

MY HAIR TESTIMONY: After searching far and wide, I finally discovered a product that helped re-grow my severely thin hairline (aka edges), which was the result of a terrible weave install. I did not think my edges would grow back because of the amount of damage I sustained. As you will see in my video, my hair was ripped out of my scalp - I had bald spots, and the white hair bulbs from my roots were pulled out and visible. After stalking Edge Entity on Instagram and purchasing one jar of edge entity, my prayers were answered. I noticed growth in 4 days, and I started seeing thicker edges after 7 days.

MY RECOMMENDATION: If you are suffering from an edge tragedy - i.e. thinned edges, bald spots, or traction alopecia, EDGE ENTITY may be the perfect product for you. Results will vary from person to person, but I believe you will actually see results if you use this product at least twice a day on a clean scalp.

Want proof? Check out my review and results video below. Want to see the results now? Skip to 2:39.  I hope this helps with your edge distress!

Please note: this is not a sponsored video. I purchased every single jar of this creamy goodness, and I have no regrets.