For all of our relaxed or texlaxed hunnies, we have not forgotten about you! We recognize that while times have changed, RELAXED / TEXLAXED  HAIR is not a dying model. While there has been somewhat of a shift to "natural" hair, we recognize that a number of women still relax their hair and will continue to do so as it best suits their lifestyle...AND we are here for it!

That being said, we want to introduce you to Jazzie Jae - a YouTuber who provides excellent tips for taking care of relaxed / texlaxed hair. From how to retain moisture to tips on maintaining relaxed hair in college, Jazzie Jae covers it all. She has beautiful hair and a great personality. If you want quick digestible tips for maintaining relaxed hair, watch the video below!

Fall in love with Jazzie Jae? Check her out on Instagram @jazziejat or on YouTube by clicking here.