Photo Credit:  @Brianne.Live

                                                     Photo Credit: @Brianne.Live

1.     Eat healthy and/or add a hair vitamin to your meal regimen

Proper nutrition is the foundation to healthy hair.  This means you need to eat dark leafy greens, protein, nuts and grains, and citrus fruits because they contain B-vitamins, MSM, vitamin C, and folic acid, which are essential for hair growth. Remember you are what you eat! Plus, your skin will benefit from these healthy eating tips.

2.     Drink plenty of water

Need I say more? It’s important to hydrate from within. That’s all we are going to say here.

3.     Stimulate your scalp

Stimulating Products – look for products with menthol, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, basil, ylang ylang, tea tree oil, neem oil, cedar wood oil, lavender oil, amla oil and the list goes on. Here, my goal is to urge you to do research to figure out which products will help stimulate your scalp.

Scalp Massages – You are probably tired of hearing us sing this song so I’ll leave you with this: Scalp massage + stimulating product = increased blood circulation to your scalp, which leads to growth.

4.     Gently detangle your hair

Relaxed hair is fragile so it needs extra TLC – emphasis on the tenderness factor. This means gently finger detangling relaxed hair before styling or even attempting to put a comb to your hair. More importantly, if you choose to use a comb, comb your hair from bottom to top. REMEMBER: You need to be gentle and extremely patient during this detangle process.

5.     Employ hot oil/pre-poo treatments

6.     Maintain a clean scalp

A clean scalp creates the proper environment for growth.

7.     Deep Condition  

Need I sing this song?! Deep conditioning increases moisture levels, prevents breakage, and contributes to length retention. Deep condition period.

8.     Use a protein treatment to strengthen your strands after getting a relaxer

Relaxers break bonds within hair strands – weakening the hair and making the hair more susceptible to breakage and damage. Protein treatments and elasticity treatments help strengthen and re-fill those weaken bonds – enabling relaxed hair hunnies to retain length and the health of their hair. Aphogee has excellent heavy and lightweight protein treatments that can help strengthen hair. But if you are afraid of that, good old fashion eggs will do the trick.

9.     Moisturize and seal your ends daily

10. Protective Style and Trim Your Ends (when necessary)

Two things: 1) keep your hair tucked away so it does not brush against your shoulders. This will help prevent split ends and enable you to retain your length. 2) Trim your ends when you see splits ends or damage. 

Happy Healthy Hair Growing!!!