It is COLD in San Francisco, California so I can imagine that it is also COLD, if not FREEZING, on the east coast. So what am I doing? I am bringing you seven hair and beauty gurus that will walk you through a few great hairstyles designed to protect your luscious mane and preserve your length in this treacherous weather. These beauties were selected because they employ excellent styling techniques that can assist with length retention when done right. Enjoy! 

The Infamous Bun (there is more one way to rock a mean bun) - Glamtwinz334

The Goddess Braid - MsDanti1

Box Braids (or Twists) - Forever Cryssy

Weaves (Full Weave - Little to No Leave Out) - Ivy Dear

Wigs or U-Part Wigs (Homemade) - Peakmill

Wigs (purchased from a boutique) - The Natural Chic

The Puff or Ponytail (the goal is to keep your hair from rubbing on your clothing) - Jaelah O'Neil

Good luck with your winter hair care regimen! Comment below with protective styling recommendations and hair gurus you enjoy watching.