Protein treatments are ESSENTIAL to maintaining strong healthy hair. Protein treatments are necessary to fill in weakened and broken bonds (aka gaps) in your hair strands. These gaps result from daily styling, chemical treatments, time, and so forth. Often times, we believe eggs and mayo are strong enough to get the job done and strengthen our hair and reduce breakage, BUT that is not the case. Sometimes our hair calls for an actual protein treatment – great ones include Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment or Two Minute Intensive Keratin Reconstructor.

Now, I know some of our protein sensitive hunnies are cringing at the thought of using a REAL protein treatment on their protein sensitive hair…BUT the truth is our hair is roughly 90% protein, and requires at least some protein – even if it’s a tiny bit – to maintain its overall health. That being said, we found this great video from the Green Beauty Channel to help us explain the science behind REAL protein treatments and how to make a custom treatment that will work perfectly for your hair – regardless of whether you are protein sensitive or not.

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