I am going to admit, here and now, that I am a serial YouTube watcher. As in, YouTube is my background noise when I am doing work, it is my “music” when I am getting ready to go out, it is the research tool I rely on to help me decide which products to try next, and it is where I go to learn how to use certain products for my combination hair. That being said, the one thing that hurts the deepest part of my soul is when I hear YouTubers mislabel sealing oils as moisturizing oils and vice versa. For instance, I have heard YouTubers say that jojoba oil and, even, castor oil are moisturizing oils…NOOOO!!!! I can imagine that the hair gawds are cringing and throwing invisible thunderbolts when they hear such mislabeling.

Luckily, Shawnta from Shawntas Way on YouTube has a solid video that explains the difference, gives examples of each kind of oil, and talks about how and what she uses to maintain her fierce mane. 

Here are the basics in a nutshell:

Hopefully, this video and mini guide helps you with your hair journey! Subscribe to Shawnta's YouTube Channel, Shawntas Way, and follow her on IG (@ShawntasWay) for more hair tips, tricks, and info.