When your ultimate goal is obtaining thicker longer stronger healthy hair, preventing irreversible damage becomes one of your main priorities.  Obtaining healthy hair is a cumulative process – meaning daily manipulation, styling tool use, eating and drinking habits, weekly treatments, and the products you use play essential roles in the overall health of your hair. Products can be your friends or foes. Some products will hydrate and strengthen your hair, but others will cause breakage, frizz, allergic reactions, and damage.

That being said, a big part of proper hair care is paying attention to signs that a certain product is not working or when not to continue using a certain product. Here are 5 signs that alert you to the destructive nature of your products…5 signs that tell you when to stop using a particular hair product.

1.    Your scalp is itching more frequently than usual after you start using a “new” product.

No, this is not a sign that your hair is growing. This is a sign that this product is causing damage and could potentially cause long-term damage and or hair loss.  You may want to check the ingredients on the label for ingredients you are allergic to.

                Stock Shop Photography LLC/E+/Getty Images

               Stock Shop Photography LLC/E+/Getty Images

2.    You are start noticing tons of dandruff,  bumps, a rash, and/or bald spots after you start using a “new” product.

3.    You are experiencing more breakage than usual whatever that means – i.e. you keep seeing broken strands in the sink and on the floor, and they are not shed hairs (remember shed hairs have white bulbs at the tip).

                                                                   Breana Rutter via Youtube

                                                                 Breana Rutter via Youtube

4.    Your hair feels super dry and brittle even after using super hydrating products.

5.    You notice excessive product buildup on your hair – i.e. your hair is not  absorbing/penetrating the products you use and there is a film on your hair.

If you notice any of these signs, discontinue use of whatever you are using immediately or you’ll find yourself crying in the future.