Image Sources: Hair Goddess of NY & MakeupShayla

There are 6 simple rules for avoiding damage when getting your weave or extensions installed.

  Photo Source:   We heart It

Photo Source: We heart It



Make sure your beautician or hair stylist knows what s/he is doing. Research you stylist. Ask a million questions about his/her installation method. Ask for pictures. Check Yelp and social media pictures. Read testimonials and reviews. If possible, talk to people who have had their hair done by the stylist so you can get the truth about the stylist’s weave work.

2. Beware of TIGHT weaves.

If it’s tight it is not right! If you see bumps, you’ll be down in the dumps (soon)…It’s quite simple. Those bumps are signs that the weave is pulling at your roots…these bumps are signs of irreversible damage.

3. Allow your edges to be free (sometimes).

This is not a requirement, but it is a good idea to give your edges a break if you wear weaves often. I wear weaves a lot and I leave my edges out each and every time to avoid breakage and to give my edges the TLC they need to thrive. I have a few friends that wear full weaves without leaving their edges out and their edges are just fine, but they did say they alternate between leaving their edges out and keeping them tucked away.

  Photo Source:   Pinterest

Photo Source: Pinterest


1. Stay away from teasing.

Opt to purchase clip-ins that can be installed without teasing your hair. For instance, Bellami gets raving reviews because its clip-ins are comfortable and can be installed securely without teasing your hair. The bottom line is constant teasing will lead to severe breakage.

2. Do not sleep with your clip-ins in your hair.

Not only is it uncomfortable to sleep with clip-ins, but also it can lead to hair loss. The friction from sleeping with clip-ins will cause your hair to fall out. Sleeping with clip-ins will pull out your actual hair, thin your hair out, and irritate your scalp. All of these things can lead to hair loss and, ultimately, traction alopecia.

3. Look for clip-ins that are comfortable.

Again, comfort is key. Comfortable comb clips will prevent thinning at the scalp.