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With all the weave options available on the market it is hard to pick the “right kind of hair” for your install. As mentioned in the previous Weave Wednesday post, you can pick from Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, Eurasian, and so many other types of hair. Ultimately, the key to a flawless install is finding hair that blends seamlessly with your actual hair, finding hair that looks natural, and finding hair that suits your facial structure. We suppose that all really means the same thing, but we needed to emphasize the importance of buying hair that suits you.

In any case, let’s dive into the characteristics of different types of hair so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing virgin hair for your install.


1. Peruvian Hair

Image Sources: Pinterest

Peruvian hair is sourced from remote villages of Peru. Donors of Peruvian hair tend to come from a mixture of Indian and Spanish heritage. Peruvian hair tends to be thicker than Brazilian hair, but is lightweight and incredibly manageable. It blends nicely with relaxed, natural, and thick or coarse Caucasian textures. Typically, Peruvian hair comes in a natural dark black or black/brown hues; however, every once in a while lighter unprocessed shades can be found (as with most virgin hair). It’s naturally wavy, curly, or straight.

If you are looking for the thickness and body of Brazilian hair, but the shine and smoothness of European hair Peruvian hair is just for you.

Tip: You don’t have to buy a bunch of bundles when purchasing Peruvian hair because it is incredibly thick and a couple of bundles go a long way!


2. Indian Hair

   Photo Source: Sunnyshair.com

Photo Source: Sunnyshair.com

“Real Virgin Indian Hair” is sourced from sacred Indian temples, where women shave their hair off as an offering to the gods. It is one of the most versatile textures. Unprocessed Virgin Indian hair is thick and straight or slightly wavy. It can be streamed or chemically processed to achieve curlier textures. Indian hair comes in natural black and brown colors. It has great shine/luster and comes in extremely long lengths. It blends with just about any texture and is easy to straighten. It’s texture ranges from silky to lightly coarse.

If you are looking for versatility–to be able achieve a smooth straight look or rock natural waves–virgin Indian hair is what you are looking for.


3. Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is sourced from Malaysian temples and donors looking to obtain extra money. It is incredibly soft, silkier, and thicker than Indian hair. Its texture is straight with a slight wave. Malaysian hair is extremely manageable, sleek, and shiny. It blends best with relaxed, fine, silky, and naturally straight hair textures. However, this texture can be steam or chemically processed to produce curls – making it more than possible to rock with natural textures.


4. Eurasian Hair

  Photo Source:   Styles By Fash

Photo Source: Styles By Fash

Eurasian hair is sourced from a mixture of donors of European and Asian descent. This texture is somewhat thick, very silky, and smooth. It is manageable – it doesn’t tangle or shed as much as other textures. As suggested by its name, it is suitable for women of European, Asian, and middle eastern descent. Also, this hair is perfect for relaxed, fine, and texlaxed hair. If you are natural, you can rock this look seamlessly with a lace or silk-based closure.


5. Brazilian Hair

brazilian hair

Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, or texlaxed, Brazilian hair blends seamlessly with all African-American textures. It is on of the most sought after textures on the market. While it is marketed as “Brazilian hair” from Brazil, it is really sourced from Indian donors who have mixed ancestry. In any case, Brazilian hair is incredibly thick, coarse yet soft, and naturally wavy or curly. It has a low to medium luster; and comes in a natural black or brown color. If cared for properly, this hair can last for over a year. This hair is extremely versatile – it can be flat-ironed, wand curled…you name it. Brazilian hair is amazing and a great go to.


6. Cambodian Hair

  Image Source: piecesofonye.com

Image Source: piecesofonye.com

Cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodia. It comes in various textures – it can be silky straight, slightly coarse, or heavily textured (i.e. curly). It is soft, silky, and dense. It has a low to medium luster and it blends perfectly with relaxed and natural hair. Not only does it straighten easily, but also it can hold a curl.


7. Kinky Curly Hair

Photo Sources: Heat Free Hair

Kinky curly textured hair is perfect for women with hair types ranging from 3b-4c. It mimics natural hair effortlessly. It tends to come in dark brown/black. Most importantly, kinky curly hair is  extremely versatile – it can be straightened, curled, and wand curled. If you are a natural and want to avoid heat, this is the hair for you!