This past week, I was talking to my good friend, Courtney, and she suggested we write a post about styling tools because it is not so obvious what tools are best for your hair. That being said, I bring you 6 AMAZING TOOLS that will make your hair care process simpler and faster. More importantly, these tools will minimize damage and promote healthy growing hair.


1. The Wide Tooth Comb

This comb is a phenomenal detangling tool. Not only is this gentle on the hair – minimizing damage when used properly – but also it removes shed hair effortlessly. What makes the wide-tooth comb so phenomenal? It is simple. The comb’s seamless wide spaced teeth enable you to glide a comb through your hair without ripping it out. Unlike fine-tooth combs, wide-tooth combs essentially alert you when you run into a knot before it is too late during your detangling process. It forces you to stop and use extra care to remove knots. Furthermore, it reduces friction during the detangling process.

How to Use: On WASH DAY, use your wide tooth comb to detangle your hair while it is damp with a water and conditioner mixture or, if you are like me, detangle while your hair is still saturated with your pre-poo product. Gently glide your comb through your hair. If you run into a knot, stop and address the knot with your fingers.

It is perfectly fine to detangle dry straight hair with a wide-tooth comb, but you should not dry detangle your hair if your hair is dry and in a curly or kinky state because you will snag your curls, cause tangles and unnecessary damage. If you want to dry detangle curly/kinky hair, stick to finger detangling.


2. Denman Brush

I’m not generally a fan of brushes, but the DENMAN brush is the truth when it comes to defining and detangling.

How I Use it: I modify the brush by removing 3 rows on the brush, so it glides through my hair easily. I use this only when my hair is already detangled and saturated with water and a leave-in with great slip. It helps with giving my curls a uniform look before adding products to my hair for a wash-n-go


3. Hair Clips

Every textured beauty (relaxed and natural) should have hair clips. These hair clips enable you to section your hair while detangling and during your wash process. More importantly, it speeds up your wash process by a thousand – okay, I am exaggerating, but it really cuts the wash process down.


4. T-shirt or Microfiber Towels

T-shirts and microfiber towels are the safest tools to use when drying your hair. These drying tools minimize frizz and are simply gentler on your hair than normal cotton towels. Remember we use satin and silk scarves at night to avoid contacting cotton pillowcases, so the same logic follows.


5. Scissors

Scissors are great if you know when to use them (i.e. cut or dust only when necessary).


6. Plastic Conditioning Cap

If you don’t have a hair steamer, then you should DEFINITELY own these plastic caps because deep conditioning is key to healthy hair.