The dreaded HAIR FRIZZ! 

If you have textured hair, then you know of and have probably had many battles with frizz. Curly hair is more susceptible to frizzing because curly hair is more dehydrated than straight hair. 

What can cause dehydrated hair?

How do you get rid of the frizz?

There are various deep conditioners, styling products and oils that can be used to target and prevent hair frizz. The products that are used to fight frizz will contain silicones that attach to the hair strand in order to prevent moisture from leaving your hair shaft. 

Deep Conditioners & Styling Products

These products are great for fighting off the frizz.


 Image Source: Ion Wedding

Image Source: Ion Wedding

If you want to avoid using silicones, you can incorporate these natural oils into your hair care regimen. 

  • Argan Oil - seals the hair cuticle and protects it against frizz caused by external elements like humidity.
  • Coconut Oil - reduces protein loss when used as a pre-poo treatment or in hot oil treatments
  • Sunflower Oil - can tame frizz when used in products or in hot oil treatments
  • Olive Oil - contains vitamin E, an antioxidant good for growth and moisture;  also acts as an emollient to pull moisture into the hair shaft
  • Avocado Oil - provides lots of moisture to strands.