Image Source: Kinky Kurly Sistas

Image Source: Kinky Kurly Sistas

This is a post dedicated to all of our DIYers. Yes, to all those who are dedicated to formulating the ultimate concoction that will have your hair looking and feeling healthy, beautiful and fabulous. 

Here are some of the best kept secrets from around the world!

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1. Camellia Oil

Camellia oil's use originated from China and Japan. This oil is full of essential vitamins like A, B, C and E and and contains the same vital fatty acids that are found in olive oil. Camellia oil also contributes to hair growth and conditions the scalp. Last, but definitely not least, camellia oil will make your hair smell absolutely wonderful!

2. Jojoba Oil

Found in California, Mexico and Arizona, jojoba oil is actually a kind of wax derived from the seed of Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil naturally keeps your scalp moist, which in turn promotes hair growth. The oil also cleanses the scalp by removing the blockage from its pores. As added bonuses, jojoba oil is able to fight off any potential bacterial and fungal infections, and the oil improves blood circulation of the scalp.

3. Coconut Oil

Found in tropical climates, Coconut oil--rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals--has been used since ancient times in India for grooming hair. Coconut oil may be used to prevent hair loss. A mixture of lime water and coconut oil or coconut oil and gooseberries can provide relief from hair loss. 

Since it is not easily broken down or evaporated, coconut oil is also capable of retaining lots of moisture. When applied on the hair, it will not allow moisture to easily escape. This will help keep your hair moist and soft, preventing breakage.

Applying coconut oil at night and washing your hair in the morning will help keep your hair shinny and soft.  This can be repeated every few days for healthy, strong and conditioned hair.

The various fatty acids present in coconut oil serve as very good anti-dandruff agents and regularly using the oil can help rid your hair of dandruff. Regular application of coconut oil, castor oil and lukewarm water can help you get rid of dandruff forever. 

4. Black Soap

Black soap is traditionally made in Ghana, West Africa, but is used all over West Africa. Known for its many benefits to skin, such as UV protection, the lumpy, brown soap is made from coconut, palm and palm kernel oils, cocoa pod powder and shea butter, and the ashes of cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, shea butter bark and plantain skins. This natural cleanser works well as a clarifying shampoo that won’t strip or over-dry your hair.

5. Olive Oil

From the eastern Mediterranean, olive oil (especially when heated) can provide deep conditioning that can soothe the scalp and promote hair growth. Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants, which will help you maintain your scalp health. It is also effective in treating heat damage that is caused by styling products. Olive oil massages can improve the blood circulation in your scalp, which will increase blood flow, stimulate the hair follicles, and produce thicker hair strands.

6. Henna

Henna has been used as hair dye since ancient Egypt. This dye, which produces a rich red tint, is made from a flowering plant and is used today all over the Middle East and India. Besides dying the hair, henna also has the power to penetrate dull and damaged hair, leaving each strand thick and shiny. You can find henna in many natural food stores. 

Fun fact: Henna was popularized in America by Lucille Ball. 

7. Argan Oil

Originating from Morocco, Argan oil is made from the the kernels of the argan tree and  is rich with vitamin A and vitamin E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid. Argan oil serves as a superb moisturizer for hair and helps to tame frizz and fly-aways, reduces heat damage from styling products, and promotes volume and a healthy shine. This oil has also been known to stimulate hair growth when rubbed into the scalp. 

8. Amla Oil

Amla oil is an ancient oil from India that was derived from the gooseberry plant. Rich in antioxidants, Amla oil is known to be beneficial for treating hair loss, treating scalp-related issues such as dandruff, promoting hair growth, and preventing thinning and premature gray hair. If you have dry, brittle hair, doing an overnight deep conditioning treatment with argan oil once a week will help strength your strands. If you have dandruff or dry scalp, you can perform an overnight treatment with argan oil twice a week until the dandruff is gone. You should continue on with weekly treatments, or as needed.

9. Avocado Oil

Originating from southern Mexico but now commercially grown, Avocado oil is good for moisturizing dry, brittle, and damaged hair because its lightweight formula is easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. The monounsaturated fatty acid content in avocado oil, when applied directly in a hair mask, can moisturize, nourish and strengthen hair strands. This oil also contains high levels of antioxidants like vitamin E, which is easily absorbed into our scalp and hair shafts. Avocado oil has a highly moisturizing and protective effect against the elements. It may also promote new growth and help unclog blocked follicles.

10. Awapuhi Ko Okoo (Torch Ginger)

Awapuhi Koo Okoo, also known as Torch Ginger, is an all-purpose plant that is found in Hawaii. Its mature flowers produce a slimy juice similar to aloe vera gel, which may be used to add softness and shine to hair. Awapuhi is acknowledged as having benefits similar to a keratin treatment. 

11. Yucca Root Powder

Native American tribes of the southwest use the leaves of the yucca plant as a cure-all for hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. A sudsy shampoo can be made by grinding the root into a powder.