About a year ago, my friend and I decided to go to a lounge in the Marina... My outfit was cute, my makeup was flawless, and my hair was on point it - as in, it was kinky curly and LARGE and in CHARGE. Just to give you a better idea of what my hair looked like, imagine a massive curly fro that is bra length and reminiscent of Tracey Ellis Ross or Chaka Khan, but kinkier in texture...Actually, I'll insert an image of what my hair looked like below. (Please note: this is not an image from that day.)

In any case, we arrived to Matrix Fillmore, got drinks, and headed to the back seated area. I was so proud of myself because I managed to work my way across a room full of dancing drunk people without anyone spilling a drink on me or getting my hair caught on anything or anyone. Everything was GREAT until this woman came up to me, grabbed my hair (side note: boy, was she quick because I didn't see it coming), and yelled: "OMG, your hair is so beautiful and soft! I love it." Immediately, I turned my head, gave her a tamed death stare followed by a reluctant smile, and said "thank you."

Internally, I was fuming, livid, and ready to give her a piece of my mind because I couldn't fathom why someone would touch a complete stranger's hair without asking. It was flat out rude! She could've compromised the integrity of my curls. We all know what happens when sweaty palms are introduced to curls - frizz and chaos! Plus, I was battling the indoor elements - it was already hot and humid in that lounge and my goal was to leave without looking like I just barely survived a storm. I was so lucky to have a supportive friend around to lighten the air with jokes and re-enactments of my reaction to what had just happened because it could have gone all wrong ... lol just kidding, but seriously it's weird and rude. 

TEXTURED HAIR TAKEAWAY:  To all you curl abusers (aka people with the uncontrollable desire or habit of grabbing juicy curls, luscious locs, or massive mane out of adoration), please control your desire! DON'T TOUCH...ASK FIRST! LOL. Follow that simple rule and you will avoid a serious textured hair no-no!